Link Centaur Blog: New marketing tools for 2019

Published Dec 24, 2019
2019 is approaching and as you're enjoying the holidays with your families 🎄🎅🏽 you're probably wondering in the back of your head how you're going to start this new business year with an edge over your competitors and how you'll dominate your niche in 2019 😇

Ranking #1 in 2019

All serious marketers know the importance of a good software toolbox, you just need to have the best tools for the job. This is why we did some research at Link Centaur to find some new and/or innovative digital marketing tools that we think could gain traction in 2019.

WP Video Robot is a great plugin for those of you who use Wordpress and would like to have videos automatically imported to their Blog or Website. It supports an impressive amount of Video Platforms including Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Youku. They have a lot of addons such as Comments Importer, Authors Importer, WPVR Monetizer and more. And it integrates with all the Wordpress Video Themes you're already using so it's a very practical solution. This tool also seems to have great reviews.

Social Media Leads Generation Example with Medialisto

Here at Link Centaur we try to keep track of our backlink indexer tool's reputation and we take customer feedback very seriously. We have used Google Alerts for a long time to try and keep up with blogs or forum treads mentioning us for example. But not only is google alerts notoriously unreliable and unpractical (got to sift through the emails, no interface), but it also doesn't support Social Media. So we found this up and coming Social Listening Tool that is free to use for 3 keywords. You can use it to monitor keywords about your brand and competitors, browse historical mentions on the dashboard and receive daily or weekly email notifications.

Brand Monitoring Example with Medialisto

A lot of SEO and Digital Marketing software these days require a proxy to provide good results. Luminati provides a top notch Proxy Service by allowing you to choose from Data Center, Residential or Mobile proxies. Aside from the usual pay-per-proxy private/public proxy model, they also offer a rotating proxies plan where you can switch proxies as often as per-network-request, allowing you to remain undetected.
Also worth noting is the clean dashboard interface allowing to select your plan, customize options and check live statistics about your usage. Check out Luminati Proxy Network

No SEO and Marketing tools list is complete without Link Centaur 🚀 ! Link Centaur has been working hard since 2013 indexing hundreds of millions of backlinks for all kinds of online businesses and digital marketing agencies. It's the most powerful Backlinks Indexing Tool and the only one you'll ever need, providing great results that are also safe for your web properties (Never had complaints about receiving Google Penalties because of Link Centaur). So if you're having trouble getting your backlinks indexed - and who isn't with how difficult SEO has become in 2018 - then check out Link Centaur and get 20 links/day included with your free account.